O PereiroO Pereiro Oven

Oven of communal ownership and use that serves the whole neighbourhood of the village, which makes use of it by the round system. Bread (lat. pane) is a foodstuff made from flour, water, salt and yeast. Its characteristics depend on the know-how of the bakers, the proportions used, the quality of the cereals (rye in the case of A Mezquita) and the temperature of the oven (lat. furnu) in which it is baked. In eastern Galicia, the ovens are communal property, as are the threshing floors and most of the mills. The neighbourhood of the Terra das Frieiras, unlike in western Galicia, built and used the village oven collectively, giving rise to an adjective architecture with a lintelled rectangular floor plan, covered by a wooden structure that was protected on the outside by the rye mesh.

Reddening the oven
"To heat or "roxar o forno", brooms, dry or green gorse are used; they are put in through the door, lighting the fire with them; then wood is added until the desired baking temperature is reached, that is, until "the stone turns white". Once the oven is hot, the dough is swept first with the roller and then with the broom, and then the dough is put in; ...".
Begoña Bas López; Construccións populares gallegas. 1980